Sorting the Councils rubbish - We separate fact from fiction

“Private contractors have cleaned up the city centre”

FACT: - They have an extra loader on each vehicle; they are taking 3 days to complete routes which Council bin men complete in 1 day; the city centre had Council bin men working a night shift to assist in this clean up, Councillors conveniently omitted to state this!

“There's asbestos at Seafield depot”

FACT: - Well, who knows? Bin men at Seafield depot were told they were being moved to Powderhall & Russell Road due to asbestos contamination, yet a short time later, the private contractors moved into the depot. Was it  a ruse to a create space for the private contractors, or should the scabs not breathe too deeply?

Phillip Barr to union bosses: “only a small handful of workers are being hit with partial performance forms and they are only being docked about 10 or 20% of that days wage.”

FACT: - There are about 40-50 so far, who have had the whole day’s wage docked, despite working the full shift and the following day are told they must sign this partial performance form or they will be sent home without pay and if they refuse, will not be allowed to return to work until they sign it!

Evening News: “Workers told bosses they’re ‘going on the sick’”

FACT: - Council bosses are refusing to accept medical certificates from workers’ own doctors. Perhaps they have been going to medical school on the sly?

The workers who have had to be signed-off sick by their doctor due to stress of intimidation at work, are also being docked their wage, this is completely illegal, the Council are now setting themselves above the law and believe they are more medically qualified than a GP!

FACT: - Council’s own Health & Safety Officer, Mr Henderson has informed the men not to uplift any refuse bag that is hung in railings above waste height, it is the responsibility of Monitors to inform the City offices not to continue with their practice of tying refuse bags on railings. Kerbside collection is exactly that, bags placed by the kerbside!

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