Council Spends Secret Fortune on Imported “Bin Men”

Edinburgh's plush Hilton Hotel is playing host to dozens of untrained “bin men” brought in by private companies to break the refuse-workers' work-to-rule against wage cuts. With charges of £102 per person per night, estimated accommodation costs for the imported workers (as of 10th Sep) are from £40,000 to £50,000.

The bill is being footed by the City of Edinburgh Council—in other words, YOU the Edinburgh council tax payer are paying these sky-high hotel bills so that the Council can continue to threaten and intimidate its manual workers into submission.

Smoke & Mirrors

The exact roles of the private companies involved, which include Shanks Waste Solutions, Blue Arrow, and Assist, are being kept wrapped in illegal secrecy by city councillors and their management bigwigs. Freedom of Information requests are routinely ignored, on the grounds of “commercial sensitivity”.

This cover-up has been aided and abetted by the local media. Despite being kept informed of this scandal by threatened council workers the Scotsman and Evening News have determinedly refused to publish the truth about the bin men's industrial action and the costs to the taxpayer of hiring private companies and accommodating their workers in a plush hotel, preferring instead to misinform their readers with lies designed to alienate support.