Dawe: liar, liar, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire!

The Edinburgh Evening News is being used by Council Leader Jenny Dawe, as the front line in a propaganda battle to divide and rule.In the Edinburgh Evening News, 19 October, Dawe announced that the street cleaners and other manual workers were about to make an agreement and end their industrial action, leaving bin-workers by themseves. A claim later found to be false.  On November 10th, Dawe announced that since the workers had not agreed to wage cuts the Council are about to impose the changes without agreement, stating "we cannot negotiate indefinitely. The only alternative to agreed changes is imposing changes through a legal process".The Muckraker says: Jenny Dawe is a liar, and a bully.Council workers need the support of all Edinburgh residents to fight the wage cuts that the lying Council bullies are trying to impose. Workers, service users and residents need to join together to fight all the cuts in services that the lying Council bullies are trying to impose.