Victory for Striking Glasgow Council Workers after 3 week action

“We have shown that you can fight and you can win”

On the 10th August 2007 around 600 social care workers employed by Glasgow City Council brought to an end 20 days of all out, indefinite strike action and returned to work having won wage increases of between £1000 and £2400. This victory made them the best paid social care workers in Scotland.

Glasgow council cynically used an equal pay review to slash their maximum earning power by an average £1000. UNISON originally balloted its members for industrial action short of a strike but when this was met with threats of suspension and dismissal against its members the dispute quickly escalated to all out strike action.

Several factors assisted the victory. A strike organising committee met every day throughout the dispute and most importantly mass meetings were held twice a week. Many union members commented on how helpful these were.

In a strong display of solidarity delivery drivers, principally from Royal Mail but also from private companies such as DHL, refused to cross picket lines.

Workers returned to work after their employer conceded to their main demands. Glasgow City Council now knows that workers will not be bullied into accepting attacks on their pay and conditions. One social care worker commented;“I think that there will be ripples throughout Scotland where other people are in talks over single status. We’ve shown that you can fight and you can win.”