Resisting wage docking

The Council has now repaid the docked wages to some bin workers, but is still withholding pay from many.  Workers are going to Tribunals to try and win back their wages—plus some workers whose wages have been repaid are still going to the Tribunal to contest the injustice they suffered.

One worker said: “I’m not going to let them get away with this, I know if I let them do this they’ll go on doing this kind of thing, I’m going to stand up for myself.”

Unite Union state: “Unite will meet with the Personnel Appeals Committee on 25 November to hear our case on the council’s decision to withhold wages and sick pay for those employed within Refuse Collection. Hopefully they will see sense and all monies will be reimbursed.”

The committee comprises Cllrs Lowrie (Convener), Coleman, Cairns, Elliott-Cannon, Blacklock, Hart, Elaine Aitken, Paisley and Burgess. The meeting is scheduled for the afternoon and the council website should give details of the exact time a week beforehand—we don’t know yet if it’s open to the public, though clearly the workers concerned SHOULD be able to attend, if there's any justice.