Defend the care of Our Elderly

The cuts and privatisation agenda attacking refuse workers is also putting Edinburgh's most vulnerable at risk.

Two years ago Edinburgh council announced its intention to privatise 75% of its homecare services.  Since then agencies have been bidding for services with those that can provide them cheapest winning contracts. A public campaign against this disgrace was set up 2 years ago.

What do the cuts and privatisation mean?

Elderly and disabled citizens are not receiving adequate care.

Care slots have been slashed to 30 minute visits. This is not enough to manage the tasks of getting up, washing, dressing, breakfast, medicine etc. Service users are only provided with one hot meal per day – a microwaved frozen meal.

The impact of these policies is that care has plummeted while conditions and pay for staff, especially those employed by agencies, are terrible – long hours, low pay, far too many people to care for on a shift with inadequate training.

Service-users are frequently missed and/or don't receive proper care. We have heard of cases where elderly people have been left for one or two days without food or medication.

Staff describe the tasks and pressure as hellish, exhausting and unbearable. Most of us will face disability and/or old age at some time in our lives and will depend on these services.

What can you do?

Get in touch with the public campaign opposing the trashing of care for vulnerable citizens.

Everyone is welcome.

If you're interested please phone 078111 85610
or visit our website: