Fighting back - A bin worker reveals the untold story of harrassment during the dispute

"The management are using bullyboy tactics and harassment. Our depot’s like a police state": an Edinburgh bin worker.

The Muckraker interviews one of the workers on the bin lorries, collecting the city’s refuse.

What’s behind the dispute?

Cleansing workers action committee

Cleansing workers active in the dispute have told us that the official Union structures are ineffective, and believe that an Action Committee is needed.  This would bring together cleansing workers from the different depots - street cleaners, bin workers, everyone.

Privatisation—A Load of Rubbish

An Audit Scotland report has revealed the Council are considering privatising its refuse collection service.  This would mean yet more attacks on workers’ wages and conditions.

But would it reduce costs for the Council? Maybe to start with, but private companies have a habit of winning contracts with a lower bid, then putting up the price once they have their foot in the door and the Council depends on them.

Blood from a Stone - Why don't they want you to know how much they’re paying scabs?

Edinburgh’s citizens are being kept in the dark as to what our council tax is being spent on.

In an attempt to smash their manual staff’s dispute, the Council have handed lucrative contracts to private firms. Like employment sharks Assist,  recruiting ‘bin men’ via St Andrew’s Square Jobcentre. These scabs are paid £11 an hour — £3 more than the real workers — plus Assist's secret cut on top of this for every scab.

Resisting wage docking

The Council has now repaid the docked wages to some bin workers, but is still withholding pay from many.  Workers are going to Tribunals to try and win back their wages—plus some workers whose wages have been repaid are still going to the Tribunal to contest the injustice they suffered.

One worker said: “I’m not going to let them get away with this, I know if I let them do this they’ll go on doing this kind of thing, I’m going to stand up for myself.”

Refuse to be a scab!

The Muckraker has been told that officials at Edinburgh Job Centres have threatened to stop unemployed people's benefits if they do not apply for jobs with Assist on the scab bin lorries. This is illegal!

Sorting the Councils rubbish - We separate fact from fiction

“Private contractors have cleaned up the city centre”

FACT: - They have an extra loader on each vehicle; they are taking 3 days to complete routes which Council bin men complete in 1 day; the city centre had Council bin men working a night shift to assist in this clean up, Councillors conveniently omitted to state this!

“There's asbestos at Seafield depot”

Round-country round-up

A roundup of news from Glasgow, Brighton and Leeds.

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 1

Muckraker - Issue 1

Issue 1 of the Muckraker

• Making sense of Modernising pay
• Council spends fortune on scabs
• Leeds & Liverpool out on strike
• Edinburgh cuts put elderly at risk
• Glasgow workers win after 3 weeks’ action

Thanks to the Edinburgh General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World whose financial support made it possible to publish this news-sheet.

IWW c/o 17 W Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA

Branch meetings 7pm for 7.30pm the second Monday of each month at above address.

Scabstopping - Edinburgh residents stand up for their binworkers

WCR scab lorry blockaded in Edinburgh's Old Town by demonstrators displaying IWW Union placards urging solidarity with the Council bin workers.WCR scab lorry blockaded in Edinburgh's Old Town by demonstrators displaying IWW Union placards urging solidarity with the Council bin workers.

People acting in solidarity with Council Cleansing workers blockaded a WCR scab lorry for 30 minutes in the city centre on 18th September. Waving placards such as NO MORE WAGE CUTS around 25 people held the lorry at the top of Blair Street, as it moved out of Hunter Square.

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