July 2012

Edinburgh Council hypocrisy – vote against privatisation being ignored

Edinburgh Council refuse workers are angry that Blue Arrow private contractors have been brought in to do their work.  Only months ago the full Council voted against the privatisation of refuse collection, street cleaning and related services.  But now Director of Services for Communities Mark Turley is disregarding the Council vote and bringing in private firms.

The Plight of Edinburgh City Refuse Collectors

A worker in the Council Refuse Collection department writes:

Over the last 7 years we have endured some of the hardest cuts and conditions within the council. We will start with 4 years of cuts, from 2005 we started with 12 refuse Lorries per section. Within the council statistics of satisfaction for services we were running at 94-96 %, the closest to refuse were home helps with a score of 47%.I think anyone would agree that this was an excellent satisfaction rate.