Edinburgh Council hypocrisy – vote against privatisation being ignored

Edinburgh Council refuse workers are angry that Blue Arrow private contractors have been brought in to do their work.  Only months ago the full Council voted against the privatisation of refuse collection, street cleaning and related services.  But now Director of Services for Communities Mark Turley is disregarding the Council vote and bringing in private firms.

The Plight of Edinburgh City Refuse Collectors

A worker in the Council Refuse Collection department writes:

Over the last 7 years we have endured some of the hardest cuts and conditions within the council. We will start with 4 years of cuts, from 2005 we started with 12 refuse Lorries per section. Within the council statistics of satisfaction for services we were running at 94-96 %, the closest to refuse were home helps with a score of 47%.I think anyone would agree that this was an excellent satisfaction rate.

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 5

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 5

Inside this issue:
• What does Privatisation Mean?
• UK Strikes Against Cuts
• Workers Winning
• Southern Cross: Big bucks from old folks
• Ways you can fight back

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 4

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 4

Inside this issue:
• Support Workers Action Network — Fighting back and winning
• The Big Cuts Lie
• CEC: 30 years of dodging inequality
• Victimised Binman Paul French speaks out
• Council bullying — running scared

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 3

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 3

The Edinburgh Muckraker is produced by an independent group in solidarity with council workers, to inform the people of Edinburgh what is really going on behind the lies, mis-information and threats.

We encourage and assist effective action to win this dispute.

We aim to help Council and other workers to come together across sectional and union divides.

We see this dispute as part of a bigger battle by all working class people to fight for our needs against this profit-based system, in which people are exploited and kept down.


Please get in touch. Contact details at the top of the page or use the contact form on our website.

Audio interview with Council Worker Solidarity Group

Here is a five minute Interview with the Council Worker Solidarity Group. The workers themselves did not want to be interviewed on audio recorder or filmed as a bin worker who gave quotes to the Edinburgh Evening News has been suspended for talking to the press.

Interview (Ogg-Vorbis, 5 min, ca. 3 MB)

Interview (WAV, 5 min, ca.27 MB)

Interview (mp3, 5min, ca 5 MB)

The Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 2

Edinburgh Muckraker - Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Muckraker.

This issue of the Muckraker was made possible by the donations and support of threatened council workers. Thanks!

Pay cuts rejected: struggle may go city-wide

The struggle by council workers against pay cuts could go city wide, as the overwhelming majority of UNISONS 8,000 members have now voted to reject the Council's "pay modernisation" proposals.

So far, industrial action has only affected the cities manual workers in UNITE, who are engaging in a work to rule and overtime ban after rejecting a £4k pay cut. The dispute could soon widen to include every council department.

I am not for sale!

200 carers and clients held an angry protest outside City Chambers on 11th November. They’re facing savage cuts and a privatisation process that could see service users separated from the carers that they have built relationships with, in favour of the lowest cost company.

www.swanedinburgh.org.uk, swanedinburgh@yahoo.co.uk,   http://ldascotland.org/

Dawe: liar, liar, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire!

The Edinburgh Evening News is being used by Council Leader Jenny Dawe, as the front line in a propaganda battle to divide and rule.In the Edinburgh Evening News, 19 October, Dawe announced that the street cleaners and other manual workers were about to make an agreement and end their industrial action, leaving bin-workers by themseves. A claim later found to be false.  

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